Why your Husband, Fiancé or Boyfriend is the wrong person to ask about your makeup.

The Catch 22: Act I, Scene 1

Bride to be: ‘Honey, what do you think about my makeup?’

Groom to Be: shifts uncomfortably in his chair, looks for an emergency exit.

  • Response Option 1, The Affirmation: 'Wow, you look super sexy!!' Now, tell me this isn't what goes through your mind: Hmm...maybe he'd prefer me to wear more makeup than I normally do? What about this does he find sexy anyway? {the train continues....} Does he want me to look like this all the time? {it starts to speed up...} What if he doesn't like it when I don't wear any?? {The irrational thought....} Doesn't he think I'm sexy with nothing on my face??????  #fail
  • Response Option 2, The Supportive: ‘You're beautiful without any makeup.’ It’s meant as a compliment; he thinks you’re beautiful- of course he does! But all the sudden the doubt and self-consciousness within us overrides good judgment. Now the makeup you felt confident and beautiful in has dulled a little; maybe even made you feel a bit garish. Or rebellious, as though to say- I don't care what you want- I'm wearing this makeup, dammit!  Annnnddd I'm pretty sure that wasn't his intended reaction.
  • Response Option 3, The Clueless: 'That's a lot of makeup.' Face palm. Maybe it's not even a lot of makeup...maybe he wouldn't even have noticed if you didn't ask him. But you caught him on the spot and he didn't know what to do and now, you're left with nothing- not feeling pretty, not feeling rebellious, nothing.

Asking a man (yes, every single man...stay with me here...) about your makeup will get you a response that comes without experience. Because no man alive has ever lived in a society that expects them to utilize the luxury of makeup as an accepted form of self expression. Even male makeup artists will never know what it's like to be a woman with a deep social understanding of makeup. It is a luxury that we, as women, have. We can use to our advantage at all times. Maybe sometimes it's a hassle, but when we get a pimple, have a bad night sleep or get sunburned- makeup is there to fix it for us. Honestly, I've always felt bad for guys- they have to walk around in broad daylight, no matter how they feel about it! 

If you want an opinion- ask a woman you trust with the same style as you. They will tell you- ‘Lighten up on the black eyeliner’ or ‘That is a great blush color.’ or ‘Your skin looks great/shiny/matte.’ This is constructive feedback (for you and your makeup artist) because they understand what it is like to wear makeup. Therefore, you won't be left with vague feelings, and together we can get you to the look that you love.

And here's the thing about makeup: if you love what you look like, you will look amazing. Because confidence is more powerful than any wax or powder. 

So if you're going to be in an LDM makeup chair- leave the guys at home. Take the opportunity to spend some time with your mom, sister, or girlfriend. Or have some solo time getting pampered. We won't let you leave looking a hot mess!

If you're coming for a wedding makeup trial, definitely leave the guys at home- he doesn't even know what your dress looks like, how on Earth do you expect him to help you decide what your face is going to look like?? Take him to the cake tasting instead. He'll thank you. Here's the thing: Every single groom I've ever seen has thought his bride was beautiful as she walked down the aisle. So don't worry about him; he's already in love.


Thanks for reading.

Makeup is pretty powerful.