3 events you should NOT use your makeup trial for.

It's a rare occasion when myself or any of my artists meet the bride on the day of the wedding. Can you imagine- 'Hi! So nice to meet you, let me slather opaque wax and powder all over your face on what is most likely the most photographed day of your life!' Holy, no, no, no way is that a good idea! Only in extreme circumstances (like a hurricane has moved your wedding and you need someone there tomorrow kind of extreme- yep done it.) do we meet the bride on the wedding day. We even work it out with our destination weddings! So, let's discuss: The Makeup Trial.

As any LDM Bride can tell you, there's prep work to be done before our appointment. This isn't the time to drink champagne and giggle! This is your face. And while I believe in enjoying my job and life, I also believe that makeup is a pretty important part of your wedding day.  And I assume my clients feel the same or they wouldn't be paying us to bring our expertise to do it for them. First, you'll get some 'Homework' to do. Among things like sourcing out images of makeup you like or don't like, and wear a neutral white-ish solid top to your appointment, I also suggest to make plans after your trial. You'll be all done up, might as well get some use out of it! Hoooowever, let's talk about events that are not good matches with your wedding makeup trial. And without further ado, I present:

3 Events you Shouldn't Use Your Makeup Trial for.

1. The Bridal Shower: Normally, bridal showers are done at someone's house, or a restaurant. It happens sometime in the afternoon and the attire is typically something appropriate at church. Summer dresses, cute flats, something chic but comfortable. Am I wrong? Also, It's also not a highly photographed event. There will be some selfies and pics of you holding up the new towels Grandma sent from the registry, but for the most part this is a time to spend with girlfriends and family and prepare for your new future with your partner (even if you've been living together for 5 years and are simply ready for new towels) and an opportunity for all the older women in your life to tell you how to change your husband to be exactly what you want (a great moment to practice your 'smile and nod' act). So, when you come to your makeup trial on the day of your bridal shower- that's the energy flowing through you. You are probably sitting in my chair at 9am, on a Sunday, and you've got a cute little outfit picked out. Let me be frank: This taints your ability to make wedding day decisions that are in line with that full length glamorous GOWN you plan on wearing on your wedding day. You know, the one you'll do a few fittings for, spent a small fortune on and don't plan on ever wearing again? That's what I want in your head when you sit in my chair. I want to talk about what you want to look like when you come down the stairs, the church doors open, or you enter the room. I want to talk about how you're going to look when people stand up and murmur- Wow, what a beautiful bride. I want to talk about what those wedding photos are going to look like 20-30-hopefully 50 years from now. Sure, come get your makeup done for your shower- have a little glam moment for yourself. But I can GUARANTEE you- it will not be the same look we do on your wedding day. It will be nowhere close. And yes, even if you're super natural and want to look like yourself on your wedding day (blah blah), its still going to be a completely different look. Trust me.

 2. Engagement Photos: On first look, this sounds like a fabulous idea. It's usually the first time you'll get to work with your photographer, so why not get your makeup done so you can see how it looks on camera? I get it. But let's discuss the Engagement Photos. Firstly, what is an engagement photo most often used for? A: The Save the Dates. Great idea! Let's show everyone exactly what you're going to look like on your wedding day! Um, no. Also, as pointed out above, this is usually a much different wardrobe than that drop dead gorgeous gown you've got hanging in your closet, on order, or in between fittings. Granted, this is typically a more formal event than the Bridal Shower. I see lots of black dresses with heels and guys in suits. Or a cute top with jeans and pumps and guys in coordinating button downs and jeans. Again- that's going to be your subconscious goal in the makeup chair- to look good for those photos. And those photos are not what I want to talk about- I want to talk about the photos in the white/ivory/blush dress. The Wedding Gown. And plus, let's keep some tricks up our sleeves here, so that when you get the moment to WOW everyone, we truly can. Engagement shoots are, on the other hand, a wonderful trial run of a makeup artist. It's a low stress time where you can see if you feel comfortable with each other, and if you like their work enough to grant them permission to do your actual wedding. Yeah, it might be a little extra money, but hey, you'll look great for your engagement photos and will probably learn something about what you want/don't want for your wedding. It's worth it.

3. Netflix and Chill: So now that I've totally scared you from doing any of those ideas you had with your makeup trial, I am also not a fan of people who say- Oh, I'm just going to go home and make dinner. What??? Do you SEEEEE how gorgeous you look?? And you're going to go home and sit in front of the TV?? I actually rescheduled a trial once when I found out that the client was going to go to a Soul Cycle class after. Nope. Not ok with me. Go out into the world and live in your makeup. Get some friends together and go to dinner, go dancing, laugh, live, enjoy and do your best to ruin it by having so much fun that you completely ignore it. Because, you know what- that's how your wedding should be- so much fun and joy that you forget about your hair and makeup and shoes and dress and jewelry and think only of your friends and family. If your artist has done her job right, you'll still look stunning at the end. And you'll only get to appreciate it when you get your photos back, and you say- Damn, I looked good!


Thanks for reading.

Makeup is as pretty powerful as the spirit wearing it.